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Entry Level Co-Junior Director. Full time: Street-team, public relations, event promotions, sales and marketing, state-of-the-art technology, content experts, Infrastructure​, control, choice, detailed explanation, forecasting.

Work Virtually from anywhere in the world.

Hiring Now! Last Day To Apply To Work With Our client, Legacy LGCY -- Bloomfield, CT 06002

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WHO WE ARE..........

--Best Customer Service --Representing The Brand--Professional Winning Team--Employees Are #1--

We are a specialty marketing icon that dedicates expertise in the design and execution of outsourced sales or fundraising solutions for many of the world's leading Fortune 500 and global nonprofits that are transforming the way non-government organizations work.  Take care of your employees, and they'll take care of the customers.  We lead by example.  

We demonstrate and model key customer relationships, expert brand awareness, and proven sales or fundraising results that are adored by customers everywhere! We have a variety of strategies depending on the client's needs. We specialize in both indoor/outdoor field marketing events promotions, and we're sending business trips to across the U.S.

Do you like to travel?

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We give companies the chance to streamline their work efficiency, cut labor, while increasing results!

We offer the Best Customer Service Available and Represent the Brand for these Companies with A Professional Winning Team! All these charities have is their reputation, and we protect it, and provide quality customers. Since sales / fundraising and marketing are tightly linked to a company's reputation and key customer relationships, only a proven expert would possibly be trusted to manage such brand and key business relationships. Our overall marketing approach enhances client brand loyalty, which results in increased revenues and long-term success, while creating a positive and long-lasting impression. We drive revenue, customer acquisition, and market share objectives in the various sectors through our highly skilled, professional winning sales and fundraising teams. We have built a reputation of growing our clients' accounts by leveraging our market knowledge, technical expertise, end-user relationships, inclusive of a face to face approach!

We stand strong for every single Brand's Reputation In Their Specific Growth Industry!




Full paid training. Competitive $30-60k first year. Second year+ $90k+ / month. Growth potential will be available through 2022.

You are too good for this entry level position. Which is why you'll get promoted quick.

Ivy League degree or regular degree doesn't matter to us. We're seeking the top 10% that we will cross train into management.

We are currently seeking seven hungry individuals to be integral in the growth of our team over the next six months and beyond. We've been expanding from coast to coast. Interns welcome.

Our marketing system applies a human-friendly, direct, results-driven approach to research and sales. As a result of proven success and expertise, new clientele is continuously added for the new and near future as we dramatically increase our clients. There is a HIGH DEMAND for a better you. This leading marketing firm provides advertising, marketing, and public relations campaigns for burgeoning companies. The new beginning for preservation starts with the Communication Assistant that works closely on performance driven organizations for life.

As an entry-level Assistant Manager, our newest hires begin a lasting relationship between our clients and their target markets using the simplest and oldest method of communication (word-of-mouth) - one person speaking to another! They engage the public continuously, sharing our clients' products, services, and success stories, and supporting individuals in seeing the value of the brands we represent. In an effort to offer a flexible and cost-effective approach to our clients, we meet with people where life is taking place.

Where does your life take place?

Put your creative personality to work in a fast-paced environment!

What do you want in life? Is meaning important? YES!!!

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Only seven individuals needed. Act fast, and be your own hero. Our organization has a very high success rate of developing entrepreneurial-minded individuals into top performing managers.

We're seeking entrepreneurial-minded individuals that would like to take their "whatever-it-takes" mentality and apply them to awesome marketing and business careers.

Interviews are booked dependent on individuals looking, acting, and sounding professionally (a.k.a. The L.A.S. principle).

If you don't like to have fun, need not apply.

Are you a TYPOE? #TYPOE

You'll be impressed with yourself.

We are seeking the next tsunami wave of expansion. Believe in yourself, because we believe; "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." ― Confucius. #Confucius

We will hire you. Or will we?

We understand this is hilarious. We are serious! We expect you to show up with the best you, understanding how fortunes are made.

Positions Requirements:
High integrity

Excellent interpersonal skills

Positive attitude +

Great student mentality ++

Determined to succeed (a must)

Goal oriented. A+

Inspires (fosters) a collaborative spirit in others

Marketing experience is a plus

Street team / event work is desired, but not required

Athletes are okay. Please, if you are, be able to lift a car over your head

Applicants must be highly motivated, competitive, energetic, and ambitious

Excellent verbal communication skills

Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and multitask -- Can you walk and chew gum at the same time?

Level headed problem solver with a professional service oriented attitude +

Knowing why you are here, and where you are going. That wasn't supposed to rhyme, it just came out, and now we keep writing it.

Team player who also excels as an individual contributor

Adaptable, dependable and responsible

Can you gather a team, lead, and promote?

Friendly smile, outgoing

Loves to talk to people +

Awesome work ethic (a must)

Likable individuals that work well independently as well as with a team

Position will be considered for senior campaign management roles

Previous experience as a brand ambassador or sales is a plus, but not necessary.

Demonstrated excellence in sales, marketing, consumer relations, as well as all forms of communication, with a willingness to overcome obstacles is beneficial.

Extremely persistent

Have you worked in government? Politicians are welcome; we promise a no-politics business. The hardest working people are our favorites in the office

Willing and able to work full time

Excited to learn

Experience as wait staff, bottle service, or bartender is a plus

Friendly "go-getters" who love interacting with people in a cool environment!

Basic understanding of elephant minded structure. (Elephants have outwitted scientists in tests of intelligence; you don't have to be an elephant to get this job, don't worry.)

Our goal is to educate, motivate, and inspire people to want to make a difference in the world.

Our client(s) empowers millions of people and animals in over across the U.S. over the past 20 years. After a record second quarter, we need fresh new talent to help reach our marketing goals of $487,500 in profit one week by the end of 2021. We're creating a new army to increase our standards to the next level.

What are you? A tiger? An owl? A bull? A lamb?

We will be there to unleash your animal instincts.

Our focus is to WOW our clients with the quality of candidates we deliver for their fundraising efforts, and to always recruit the right people who will represent, with integrity, their brand passion as the live business card for our organization. This is why you are so important.

We're looking to fill seven entry level positions in marketing for the state funded solar program. The campaign we're hiring for now requires a super person for presentations. We provide extensive training for talented, open-minded candidates that enjoy a fast-paced environment with a nirvana atmosphere.

More about the Organization: Do you want an opportunity? This is it!!! We are the window of opportunity, which when open, it will blow you away. Our focus is to help ambitious, self-starters to realize their professional potential by connecting them with opportunities from entrepreneurs who place similar value on the need for growth and the drive for success.

Our clients are demanding we open more offices and we can't keep up with the demand.

We have two options.
#1 Grow fast
#2 loose the client to a competitor

We exceed our client expectations through conducting influential, but respectful consumer intercepts.

Bank branches

Trade shows

Outdoor events

Indoor Malls

Strip Plazas

Street venues

Special events

Farmer's markets


College venues


High pedestrian traffic areas

Sporting events


Market Research

Strategic Consulting

Campaign Coordinating

Company Benefits:

Thorough on the job training; developing you to be the next mentor

Non-seniority based growth; continual progress and development

Team oriented atmosphere

Leadership and leadership training

Fast paced, fun work environment; loves the thrill of a challenge to thrive

Direct contact with senior management team

Upward mobility & long-term career growth; opportunity for advancement

Paid training & paid travel opportunities

Send Your Resume To or call and ask for Lee at Zoiper Click2Dial201.207.5554US

Are you going to be the one that's going to be the next Marketing Manager willing to integrate P.R. campaigns by building operational relationships through talented and hardworking mental capacities for the growing organization, that is NatEco! Yes, you are.

Outstanding COMMUNICATION skills both verbal & written with the ability to prioritize and work independently without having to be micromanaged. Ability to work effectively in a TEAM environment and you possess a LEADER and GO-GETTER mentality. Not sure if you're qualified? Take a seat at the edge of tomorrow. Remember, you will not get caught up in the black hole sun.

These are ENTRY LEVEL positions are in Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations.

Applicants who are qualified receive complete and comprehensive experience through a hands-on philosophy in order to be SUCCESSFUL in each division of our organization.

We are looking for a desire to learn and progress amongst like-minded individuals. A successful applicant would have scope for travel and high earnings. College Graduates WELCOME! If you are a recent graduate, soon to be graduate, or just haven't found the right career path, apply today.

We are booking preliminary interviews when resumes are received. Click to apply


Knowledge and passion for content or technology is a bonus.

Environment / sustainability/ engineering / construction / animals / wildlife

Build the crossing between you and your goals with NatEco. Click to apply.

This is not a bartending gig, however our three most previous bartenders have done very well with us.

We are constantly interviewing a packed lobby. We're seeking the top 10% of candidates that we will cross train to assistant management position within seven months.

We have divisions that service the following as well.

Non-Profits/NGO's: Our Kids, Mother Nature

NatEco Healthcare: John E. Sarno M.D.

Energy: Panasonic, SunPower, LG, CertainTeed, GAF, SunTegra

Retail - HomeDepot

NatEco Media

Send Your Resume To or call and ask for Lee at Zoiper Click2Dial201.207.5554US

We are not looking for sales people or fundraisers. We're looking to cross train qualified candidates into an entry level assistant manager role. We will not ask you to pay us one penny to work in our organization. All we ask is that the candidate invests their time with us, and we show them how to train themselves to be the best version of themselves. We are growing faster than we can handle, so we need to train our people effectively the first time, saving us all a ton of headache and time in the long run. The two-year plan here is faster than you'll find at any company.

What other company doubles in size year to year?

The bridge between your content and the end-user who passionately love it. New ways to make life easier, sports, and movies. Discounts, white-glove installation, or home security. Winning U.S.

Send Your Resume To or call and ask for Lee at Zoiper Click2Dial201.207.5554US

Get in touch with us A.S.A.P. as we're moving a million miles a minute.
NatEco Solar Installation & Roofing, Solar Panels, Solar Energy, Solar Power, Eversource, CT, Connecticut, New Hampshire, NH, Massachusetts, United Illuminating, New Jersey, NJ, National Grid, PSE&G, JCP&L, Atlantic City Electric, Orange & Rockland Electric Joey Dorrity 201.207.5554 Lee Tyler 917.282.6285
NatEco Solar Installation & Roofing, Solar Panels, Solar Energy, Solar Power, Eversource, CT, Connecticut, New Hampshire, NH, Massachusetts, United Illuminating, New Jersey, NJ, National Grid, PSE&G, JCP&L, Atlantic City Electric, Orange & Rockland Electric Joey Dorrity 201.207.5554 Lee Tyler 917.282.6285
NatEco Solar Installation & Roofing, Solar Panels, Solar Energy, Solar Power, Eversource, CT, Connecticut, New Hampshire, NH, Massachusetts, United Illuminating, New Jersey, NJ, National Grid, PSE&G, JCP&L, Atlantic City Electric, Orange & Rockland Electric Joey Dorrity 201.207.5554 Lee Tyler 917.282.6285
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